"You're looking well"

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"You're looking well"

Every year many thousand gastroenterologists like me gather for a scientific meeting called Digestive Disease week (actually 4 days). Last month it was in San Diego. Inevitably we bump into people from all over the world that we haven’t seen for years, which is always fun. But this year I was struck by how many friends started their conversation with “you’re looking well”. That is nice of course, but it carries an undertone of surprise, and the suggestion that perhaps you should not be well, or still around at all. I am indeed fortunate to be well, having so far dodged the many bullets that get fired as the years progress, and which have wounded or felled some of my friends and contemporaries.

In a previous message I wrote about my admiration for people who have faced their health challenges, indeed any challenge, with a positive attitude.Which leads me to tell you about Jeanne Gordon, an amazing lady that I met and had dinner with last week in Wichita, Kansas. She had been quadriplegic for 6 years after being knocked down by a truck, which killed her daughter, while they were out bicycling. She exuded positive vibes, smiled a lot, and told me about her new enthusiasm, painting with a brush in her mouth (having never painted before the accident). Please look at www.mouthbrushart.com, hear her interview, and consider buying some of her special cards.

I  can’t imagine having the courage to do what Jeanne has done, and remain very grateful to still be “looking well”.

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