With family in South Africa- Makakatana

Marion and I were so lucky to have been able to take all the English family on Safari earlier this month. We were actually 4 days late leaving USA (it took a total of 93 hours to get from Charleston to Johannesburg, another story), but arrived in time at Makakatana game park in KwaZuluNatal to meet up with the Cottons (Andy, Fiona, Alex, Charlotte and Issy)and the Richardsons (Nicky, Jules, Perdy and Jack). We had great time there with rangers Micheal and Warwick.   Next to Phinda…..











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  1. Nicky says:

    What a wonderful time we had at Maka. Michael was so knowledgeable and passionate about the bush, it made it all the more special.

  2. peter down says:

    Hi Peter,

    What an amazing holiday, very envious. John Cooke, a London STH contemprary of mine (and sort of yours 6 months later) lives in Durban where he was a plastic surgeon. Now an expert on the Boer War.

    I visit Kenya fairly regularly where I have aunt still living in her own home aged 105.

    Here in the UK, the Dorset County Museum is gathering pace and we have almost raised the £15 million needed for its expansion.

    I love getting your news. Our son Mark may be back in Charleston this summer and I will remind him to get in touch. (He’s the ex medic turned puppeteer)


  3. Linda Wier says:

    Peter and Marion,

    You’re going to have to go one more time as you know Africa is on my bucket list and you’re responsible
    for completing that list! See you in two weeks!!!!

  4. Dear Marion and Peter,
    Great to have your flows of news! Wonderful!
    We’re excited as we have created a surgical museum on Waterloo battlefield – actually in the farm used as a major field dressing station. Family are well and keep us busy!!!
    Best wishes and yours aye,
    Mick and Elizabeth Crumplin

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