Weekend in Montreal

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Weekend in Montreal

Grandy and I just spent 3 days in Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada (after Toronto). It is in the province called Quebec, on the eastern side of the country, based on an island in the St Laurence river, which stretches from Lake Ontario to the Ocean. It was very cold, with fresh snow.
Some poeple may be surprised to learn that the main language of Quebec and Montreal is French. Can any of you clever young people tell me why that is?
We are back in sunny Charleston again, thankfully!
Love from Grandow

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  1. andy says:

    Because the cheese eating surrender monekys (to quote the great bard–Homer Simpson) thought they could colonise the world and be superior to us “Roastbeefs”.
    Leetle did zey no it wood all finis in— ow u say? –ah qui. Surrender. Merde!
    Et assui. il fait nage. Double merde.

    Still— glad to see Grandy was enjoying the weather!

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