The MagniFISHant seven gets a trophy!

Modesty has prevented me from previously blogging or bragging about my fishing talents. Truth to say that they have been somewhat hidden, but class has a way of finding its way to prominence. I am proud to announce that my team – the MagniFISHant seven– was on the podium yesterday when the prizes were awarded for the annual Dewees Island Fishing Rodeo. Teams of seven choose a day and count the total inches caught at the end of the day. We always choose Thanksgiving Friday, when friendly family fisherstars (Tripp, Tony, Ben, Holly Mac and Zayden) are usually here on island. That puts us at an immediate disadvantage since it is always freezing cold, and the fish are probably having their own family reunions elsewhere. Despite that we came in third! Skeptics may question whether there were more than 3 teams competing, but there were, although I am not at liberty to say exactly how many. By tradition it appears that the winning team has to start with the letter M (McIntyre, Mack or Mitchell), and MagniFISHant came through beautifully.

This is not the first time we have been honored for our performance at the Rodeo. Several years ago we won the prize for the “most ecologically sensitive team”, which sounded great until we realized that it meant that we disturbed the fewest fish. And one time I got the “most unusual catch”, a seagull. It had a good wingspan, but I was not allowed to count the inches. Picky, picky.

Must go practice for next year…..

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  1. Nicky Richardson says:

    Sounds a bit like the time I came 3rd in the Alnmouth ladies golf tournament….

  2. Bernard says:

    Congratulations – how things change; when we last fished at Dewees , the fish were like the gnats

  3. Geoffrey & Diney Gibson says:

    Great. 3rd out of a field of 4 ain’t 2bad??
    Why the 4month delay from the comp until podium day or has it taken all this time to accept this last place on the podium
    Well done. All in good fun and sportsmanship ( sorry sportspersonship)
    Congrats to all ESP Tripp. Diney and Geoffrey. Australia

    • Geoffrey & Diney Gibson says:

      Comment sent

    • petercotto says:

      Ouch, there were more than four teams…..It took 4 months to count all the fish….Actually the delay is that the prizes are given at our Island annual meeting, last weekend. You are hereby challenged, choose your weapon, fish or birdies. Peter

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