Thank you, Aggie (and Howard)

Home of Fred the Snake (and Dr. Peter)

We lost Aggie Shapiro this week. I am sad, very sad, but also enormously grateful for our friendship, and for so many memorable times together.

Aggie came to London for a few months in 1974, with Howard, who wanted to learn more about some endoscopic techniques with me at The Middlesex Hospital. At the time, I shared with many Brits the impression that all Americans were brash, self-centered and loud. Howard and Aggie were exactly the reverse – quiet, thoughtful, cultured and delightful company. They were perfect ambassadors for the very best of their country, which I now embrace.

I have so many special memories of being with them in many parts of the world, but hold in my heart the privilege of being in their home in Sausalito overlooking San Francisco, and in the quietness of Alpine Meadows in the mountains.

Howard passed with cancer a decade ago, and now Aggie has succumbed to the same uncompromising disease. Their dignity in handling their illnesses was another example of their class. None of us live forever, but we can strive to live graciously by their example, and to leave only warmth behind.

Thank you both

Peter Cotton January 23 2013