International reunion on Dewees

One of the great benefits of my career has been to meet (some as trainees) special people from many countries, some of which have become closest friends. There is now a “gang” that meets every year or so in diverse places, consisting of five Australian couples (Tim and Susy Heap, Tony and Michelle Clarke, Paul and Sue Edwards, Geoff and Diney Gibson, and Bernie and June Laurence), a New Zealand golf buddy (Linda Robert), Minda Wilson (from Point Roberts, WA), as well as local friends, Linda Wier, Kyra and Rob Morris, Jim and Anne Anderson. In various combos we have met in Italy, Galapagos, Alaska, Australia in several places, including Uluru (Ayers rock) for my 70th, New Zealand, and India (on the Maharaja’s train). Most were recently able to assemble again at our home on our Dewees Island,SC, with a side trip to Savannah. Much good companionship, chatting, eating and dining, and some golfing. We are lucky people.

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  1. Mike ANDERSON says:

    Interesting to hear all that. Geoff is brother of Adrienne Stott. I played in the University match with Doug Stott, both are still great friends. On the Seniors’ tour to Oz in about 2006 we went with them to a few wineries in Barossa Valley. Geoff’s parents came to stay with us in Chester and when I first went to Adelaide I had to pretend to be their son when staying for the night in a family room as we travelled from Adelaide to Geelong to see Doug & Adrienne. Doug was Deputy Headmaster there before returning to St Peters Collegiate in Adelaide as Headmaster. I think they were both, Geoff & Doug, at St Peters, Adelaide.
    I played against Geoff at Kooyonga (?) when we went to Adelaide.
    It was at the winery that he said you were great friends.
    You look in very good shape. Good to see you at the last reunion. Please look us up when you are over here. Ian Munro promised to meet up but have not heard from him for a while. Could offer Burnham & Berrow, Royal North Devon or Royal Liverpool this end.
    My sister was widowed last year. She is a good golfer and has an apartment in Palm Beach and another in Westchester NY. I did go to USA last year and will no doubt return before too long.
    Pat is not too good at present as you will know. He has stopped playing golf some time ago but still has his usual great sense of humour.
    I started steroids in January for PMR which was on top of my Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have not felt better for many years! Golf is very variable but some days reasonable.
    Spend a lot of time in France (Chinon) in Loire Valley. If you feel like “popping in/staying” you would be very welcome.

  2. geoffrey gibson says:

    Mike/Peter It is a small world.
    Had one of our regular dinners with Adrienne (my wonderful sister) and Douglas Stott 2 nights ago.
    Mike I will forward this on to the Stott’s today.
    You will be pleased to know that their daughter no 3 Alison is an excellent golfer who left yesterday with her husband Eamonn to play 3 weeks of Golf in Portugal.
    Peter, I believe my sister knew Paddy a little when she and Douglass spent a year in Pangbourne School in Redding area.

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