I don’t often sing, but….

I think I was selected for the choir at school for my looks rather than my voice. Indeed, I was asked to open and close my mouth , but try not to let any sounds out

My reluctance to sing ever since was finally overcome during an emotional celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary at our clubhouse on Dewees island. Thank you Paul for the recording.   Enjoy if you dare at 

9 Responses to I don’t often sing, but….

  1. Cheryl Jarrett says:

    Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple!

  2. Elaine says:

    Was a wonderful evening Peter. So happy to be part of the celebration.

  3. Chips says:

    Well done Peter !v Congrats to you and Marion. May you celebrate MANY MORE!

  4. Barbara says:

    Just catching up on my mail and found this wonderful video. Better watch out or Jane will nab you for the male lead in one of her plays. It’s on to broadway from there!

  5. Nicky Richardson says:

    Not sure you should be thanking Paul for recording it but it shows how much Marion means to you that you did it! X

  6. Linda Wier says:

    Wow, Peter! I’m speechless (and that’s unusual)! Miss y’all.
    All my love,


  7. Joanne Stearns says:

    Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since that glorious day at St. Philip’ I Durham. Such a privilege to have known you and Marion these 25 years.

  8. Carol McCray says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Peter. All e-mail contacts lost. E-Mail has upgraded.

    Carol McCray

  9. Lea Anne Brown says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Lea Anne Brown

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