Holiday greetings

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Holiday greetings

Hello all,

Reflecting on a great year, and looking forward to 2020.

Wow 2020! I remember worrying about surviving 1984 (George Orwell’s book The Animal Farm), and how the electronic world would collapse on January 1st 2000. And now 20 years on!

I have written on this blog about many of our adventures this year, and sent the attached letter by snail mail to many.

We are just back from a week of pre-Christmas family celebrations in England. Starting with Nicky, Jules, Perdy and Jack (and their new dog) in Long Crendon, near Oxford. Then 2 days in London to catch up with friends and see Hamilton (marvellous), then on to stay with Andy, Fiona, Alex, Charlotte and Isobelle in Bury St Edmunds, near Cambridge. And then both families together, with their dogs

Isobelle, Perdita, Charlotte, Jack and Alexandra
Coco, Dasher, Piggy, Dudderly and Milly

Lots of good victuals

And a little fun outdoors

About to catch up with the Bowdens and Fletchers in Augusta, and the Bakers will be joining us in Mount Pleasant.

We are truly blessed

Bestest wishes to all

Peter and Marion

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  1. alvin zfass says:

    Miss you guys… thanks for the update…and the “kitty” calendar!!! Hope to see you soon. Love Carol and Alvin

  2. Happy New Year, Peter and Marion! Good family times! Michael and Elizabeth

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