Goodbye to a special friend, Margaret Gunn

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Goodbye to a special friend, Margaret Gunn

I first met Margaret in 1960, wow 60 years ago, when Paddy and I set up as newlyweds in a flat in Balham, London, prior to my starting clinical studies at St Thomas’s Hospital. Margaret and her sister Elizabeth lived downstairs with their lovely parents. They became surrogate family, especially to Paddy while I was immersed in studies and then living away in hospitals as a young doctor. Margaret eventually settled near our house north of London, in Radlett, where she stayed, and became a loyal friend, confidant and great supporter for Paddy in later years. Sadly, they both gave up their lungs to cigarettes. Margaret became known as “Kins” (for some reason) to our kids and grands, who loved her too, and will very much miss her company. Teaching was her profession and lifelong passion, which she continued until very recently. So many young people owe her a huge debt of gratitude for the knowledge she imparted and the wonderful example she set. She was always positive and cheerful, through many challenges. A true role model. We celebrate a life very well lived. Missing you, Kins. With my love, Peter

Margaret at her home summer 2019

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  1. Nicky says:

    She was indeed a very special person. She taught me many useful things, including fractions! She really did put everyone else before herself – a rare quality. She will be much missed.

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