Fun Memories from The Middlesex Endoscopy Unit

Home of Fred the Snake (and Dr. Peter)

Pamela Voice was one of our senior endoscopy nurses at The Middlesex Hospital, many many years ago. She recently read my book, and reflected:

Mddx-150x150“You write just as if you were speaking all to us as friends and colleagues at one of the lunchtime breaks during a busy ERCP list. For a few hours the clock turned back as many fond memories of ‘The Team’ came flooding into mind.

I mention those lunchtime breaks and you will recall that you often kindly sent out for pizza for us all, and that we were often joined by those visiting from over-seas who were there to observe endoscopic techniques.  Now, after thirty years, there is something that I need to confess about what one or two of us amongst your nursing staff used to get up to! Some of those pizzas came with olives that had stones in them.

If a visiting doctor had been particularly tiresome to us, we used to put the stones from those olives in a formalin pot and tell the doctor that Dr Cotton had given special permission for them to take home with them to wherever, a stone that had been extracted from a patients’ cbd by him that morning. So somewhere on desks in Calcutta, Turkey, or wherever sat Wendy’s Pizza Parlour olives immersed in formalin and the proud memento of a two week study trip to the UK and with the renowned Peter Cotton at the Middlesex Gastro Unit!”