Fred 3 is in the works.

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Fred 3 is in the works.

Bonnie is working her magic on the illustrations for the 3rd Fred Snake book “When Jungle Jim comes to visit Fred the Snake”. I asked her to send me one outline in draft which can be used as a coloring challenge. Why not try and send the results to

This illustration goes with

“Then Jim decided who to take. He chose a lovely lady snake,

and some parrot birds to fly, and check the best route from the sky…

A mongoose and a pair of sloth, Jim agreed to take them both,

a giraffe who had schooled with Fred, came to watch the road ahead,

and then bringing up the rear, two monkeys and a baby deer.

A tiger really wanted in, but Jim was nervous taking him”Image.

Tigers have a lot of bounce and a tendency to pounce!

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  1. Nicky Richardson says:

    Will print the picture for the kids to colour in. Perdy is getting good at keeping within the lines, Jack tends to do a squiggle and call it a curly wirly slide (which is also how he likes his marmite presented) x

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