Down memory lanes to 80…part four, back to England

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Down memory lanes to 80…part four, back to England

Nicky kindly collected us at Heathrow, and took us to Andy’s at Bury St Edmunds, with a brief stop to see Margaret Gunn (AKA “Kins”). She was a teenager in the house in Balham where Paddy and I rented a flat in 1970, and has remained a staunch family friend ever since.

A wonderful 80th birthday on June 15th 2019, a little golf with Andy and friends, lovely cards, beautiful presents, a grandkids-made cake, and great dinner at the Giggling Squid with so special family: Andy, Fiona, Alex, Charlotte and Issy Cotton, and Jules, Nicky, Perdy and Jack Richardson, plus Fiona’s parents Brian and Diedre Jameson.

Just two more days in Suffolk, a little golf, admiring Alex and Issy’s equestrian skills, and Charlotte’s prom dress.

A final dinner at the Steak and Lobster restaurant at a Heathrow hotel, and back to our special home on Dewees. We are lucky people.

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  1. Di Tolfree says:

    Hi Pete
    I read your latest news with great interest. Ireland certainly is a beautiful country.
    You both have a very full and happy life together and many congratulations on the recent ‘big’ one.
    Take care and enjoy Dewes.

  2. Gibbo's says:

    Peter (& Marion Andy and Nicki)
    Wonderful occasion with great photographs. Much enjoyed the recent photos of Andy and Nicki, whom we have not seen in person for many years.
    Good Health Good Golfing Good Wine & Good living are obviously the secret to a happy and enjoyable twilight years!!!.
    Best wishes and love to all
    Diney and Geoffrey Gibson.

  3. Eamonn Quigley says:

    Your trip to Ireland and the Dingle peninsula, in particular, brought back very happy memories of one of the highlights of my career – bringing the Board of the American College of Gastroenterology to Killarney and the glorious afternoon and evening we spent on the Dingle peninsula including pints of the black and creamy stuff before dinner back in Dingle. One of the most beautiful towns in Ireland. Thank you for sharing.

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