Down Memory Lane at St Thomas’s With a Nice Surprise

Home of Fred the Snake (and Dr. Peter)

IMG_1244-225x300I found myself back at St Thomas’s Hospital in London in September (2013).

Mark Wilkinson, now of the combined St Thomas’s and Guys school (they were sworn enemies for a few hundred years) kindly invited me to participate in a teaching day. Part of that was a tour of the new endoscopy unit. He asked me to unveil a plaque in the training center, which provided both great surprise and pleasure. Thank you Mark.

It was only 40 years since I had left St Thomas’s to start at the Middlesex Hospital. It was good to admire again the murals of childhood stories like Jack and Jill, and to revisit Queen Victoria,



I went looking for the “Gut hut”, which was literally a (large) hut tacked onto the SE corner of the old hospital building. It had gone, replaced (perhaps appropriately in the gastrointestinal context) by a large gas tank!

This is where I learned that I was not cut out to be a basic scientist, and did my first endoscopies, under the mentorship of Brian Creamer