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New reviews of Fred getting squished and mended

Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Poor Fred is not used to living in a city, and that means he doesn’t understand how to take care when crossing the street. But venturing out across the street is a dangerous activity for any little one, which turns into a problem when poor Fred tries to cross without paying attention. When the worst happens during his attempt, will he ever be able to get back to normal again? Will he ever be able to go back to slithering and enjoying his life? It’s going to depend on the doctors and whether they can put him back together again in When Fred the Snake Got Squished and Mended.

This is a good story book if you’ve got a little one that struggles to follow the rules or if you’re just trying to explain what the rules are. The story shows why it’s so important as well, because your children can understand how much it must hurt poor Fred to be squished by a car. In this story, they’re going to see why Fred will make sure to be careful next time he crosses the street, and why they need to do the same. When Fred the Snake Got Squished and Mended by Peter B. Cotton is a story with plenty of lessons to it. The characters in this book are cute, both in the way they’re portrayed as characters and definitely in the way that they look in the illustrations. This book is also easy enough for your little one (and you) to relate to. Fun, bright colors and creative illustrations make this tale appealing and interesting as well.


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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended is an animal adventure story for children, grades K-3, written by Peter B. Cotton and illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire. What a delightful surprise to find a gift box with your name on it. Seeing air holes punched in the sides made it excitingly obvious that there was an animal nestled inside, and the note from Jungle Jim indicated that there would be no puppy dog or kitty cat inside. In fact, lying there curled up within the box was a very exceptional snake, one named Fred. The city was quite different from the steamy tropical jungle Fred was used to, and he got a bit confused when he saw a barber’s striped pole. Was that another snake? He forgot everything he knew from crossing paths in the jungle and dashed across the road to find out. But no! There’s an ambulance coming, and Fred’s sudden movement gave the driver no chance to stop. Fred ended up being literally cut in two! Could he be mended? What would it take to do that? The Fire Brigade made sure to get him to the hospital as fast as could be, and a specialist was called in. It would take a lot of work and a special type of thread, but maybe they could fix him up again.

Peter B Cotton’s animal adventure story for children, When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended, is a humorous cautionary tale about the dangers of darting out into traffic, and what might happen after you do take that drastic and terrible step. I loved seeing Bonnie Lemaire’s brilliant illustrations, especially those of Fred’s jungle home and Catipals, where the special plant for Fred’s sutures is found. Lemaire’s illustrations are bright and colorful, and they perfectly convey the drolly comic tone of the story. When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended is a perfect selection for story time and will give caregivers an opportunity to discuss traffic safety as they read. It’s also a good, challenging read for more experienced young readers. When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended is most highly recommended.


Reviewed By Alyssa Elmore for Readers’ Favorite

5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! 

What happens when you cross the street without looking both ways? When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended by Peter B. Cotton is a laugh-out-loud funny children’s story about a snake that suffers an accident after slithering into the street. Fred the Snake comes from the rainforest. Although he is just a young snake when he is sent to live with his young human friend, Fred remembers life in the forest and especially the Forest Code. As he gets older, Fred and his human friend go for a walk, but in his eagerness to explore and meet a new friend, poor Fred forgets the Forest Code, especially to look both ways. In an instant, Fred becomes Fred-Fred, as he is squished in two by an ambulance! Sadly, the ambulance is too small to hold the long, ailing snake, so they must call the Fire Brigade. Can the Fire Brigade get poor Fred to the hospital? Will the hospital be able to mend Fred?

When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended by Peter B. Cotton is the charming story of a snake that learns a valuable lesson about always looking before crossing the street. This is a wonderful book for children and adults alike. Filled with beautifully flowing rhymes, colorful, eye-catching drawings, and engaging characters, this book is bound to be a child’s favorite story. I enjoyed the pacing and the fun way the author added Fred’s backstory. The bright colors and rhyming had me enchanted from page one. I appreciated the tale of how Fred-Fred came about as a children’s story for the author’s family. I am thrilled that the author has finally had the chance to publish this heartwarming and humorous tale that must be shared. I recommend this book to children of all ages that enjoy rhyming and stories that end happily.


Help me with my books about Fred the friendly snake….please

Some know that I have written 5 books for children about Fred the friendly snake, beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire from Canada. They have won some awards, are popular locally, and with friends and family. In an attempt to broaden our scope, I have teamed up with Bublish ( a local company that publishes and promotes.Continue Reading

Fred the friendly snake books make great presents

Huge crowds (just out of shot) lining up to buy all 5 Fred snake books. But no need to line up, just access

Fred and friends go to the beach!

Delighted to announce that the 5th book about Fred the friendly snake is now published. Jack the boy’s Dad comes home from a trip and takes the whole family with Fred, Bernadette, Jungle Jim and all the animals on the ferry to Dewees island, where I live. They have a great time, but had aContinue Reading

Fred getting nice publicity and a 5 STAR review from Readers Favorite

We were featured in the Xmas edition of the Mount Pleasant magazine   Fred MP1 Fred MP2 And liked the review Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite December 2016   Five STARS When Fred the Snake Goes to School is a children’s animal story by Peter B. Cotton. Fred the Snake was given to James by JungleContinue Reading

Update on Fred the friendly snake

Fred has been busy. The recent book about exploring Charleston has been popular locally (as hoped). We recently enjoyed a visit to the nearby marvellous Edisto Serpentarium, a family owned collection of exotic creatures and photographic memorabilia. Well worth a visit And more recently still we have published a small Fred snake coloring book,Continue Reading

Fun with Fred and friends in Charleston

“When Fred the Snake and Friends explore Charleston” was published 10 days ago. It seems popular, at least among friends and work colleagues, and I have been doing the rounds of places mentioned in it to get more publicity. So, I have been to Charleston Museum, the gift store at the Yorktown, The Children’s museum,Continue Reading

Fred 4 is PUBLISHED!

“When Fred the Snake and Friends explore Charleston” is now available direct from our website. Books will be signed and can be personalized. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

The fourth book about Fred the friendly snake is about to be published

Fred and his jungle friends are exploring the sights of Charleston, where i live. Bonnie has finished her wonderful illustrations, and Cristina is completing the design. Here is the cover page.

Bonniella in Charleston!

The 4th book about Fred the friendly snake will be called “When Fred the snake and friends explore Charleston”. We thought it would help if our super-illustrator Bonnie Lemaire could visit to get a feel for the place. Happily she was able to come recently, with husband Robert and son Xazel. We had a goodContinue Reading