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Home of Dr Peter and Fred the friendly snake

Update on Fred the Snake books

Some exciting developments. Since teaming up with Bublish ( we have revamped Freds 1-3 and 5, and are just completing changes to Fred 4 (adding other sights around Charleston). All in hardback, softback and ebooks. Available at decent stores and (signed) at Selling childrens books is tough. There are so many excellent ones on…
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Goodbye to a special friend, Margaret Gunn

I first met Margaret in 1960, wow 60 years ago, when Paddy and I set up as newlyweds in a flat in Balham, London, prior to my starting clinical studies at St Thomas’s Hospital. Margaret and her sister Elizabeth lived downstairs with their lovely parents. They became surrogate family, especially to Paddy while I was…
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Holiday greetings

Hello all, Reflecting on a great year, and looking forward to 2020. Wow 2020! I remember worrying about surviving 1984 (George Orwell’s book The Animal Farm), and how the electronic world would collapse on January 1st 2000. And now 20 years on! I have written on this blog about many of our adventures this year,…
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From Indian inspiration to Middlesex memories (and dodging Dorian)

Sorry, me again, but it has been an eventful week. From Hyderabad I flew overnight to London, and went, after a BA shower and breakfast, to attend a celebration of The Middlesex Hospital, at University College. I was on the staff of The Middlesex from 1973-1986 as a Consultant Physician (Internist in US speak) “with…
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Summer fun photos

Down memory lanes to 80…part four, back to England

Nicky kindly collected us at Heathrow, and took us to Andy’s at Bury St Edmunds, with a brief stop to see Margaret Gunn (AKA “Kins”). She was a teenager in the house in Balham where Paddy and I rented a flat in 1970, and has remained a staunch family friend ever since. A wonderful 80th…
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Down memory lanes to 80…part three, in Ireland

We had 2 days in Dublin, staying at the Hibernian Club on St Stephen’s Green, meeting up with special Australian friends, Tim and Susy Heap from Sydney, and Tony and Michelle Clarke from Canberra. Readers of my previous meanderings will have met them before. The club had well placed security boxes in the rooms, with…
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Down memories lanes to 80….part two, England

The meeting at Stoke on Trent was an update for regional gastroenterologists doing ERCP procedures, well organized by Shrisha Hebbar, who I first met and admired when teaching with him in Capetown. We were joined in Stoke for the next part of the trip by Linda Wier, a special friend from Augusta, Georgia. Shrisha kindly…
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Quiet but not idle

For anyone who might have been concerned about our radio silence for the last 6 months, be reassured that all is well and indeed rather busy. We had our regular visit to Australia and New Zealand again in February/March. A highlight later in March was our annual meeting of the Dewees Island Property owners, where…
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Down memory lanes to 80…part one, Wales

Just back from a month in Wales, England and Ireland, celebrating a very big birthday, with family and friends. I chose to revisit some favorite haunts from my past, starting in west Wales. My parents built a small holiday home (which they named “Campions”- a local flower) a long time ago, in Noltonhaven on St…
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