A Giant Has Fallen – Solly Marks

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Solly1I was so sad to hear that Solly Marks passed a few days ago. He was a giant of a man in so many ways, inspiring, leading and dominating his chosen specialty in South Africa, and influencing countless people around the world.

I met Solly on my first visit to South Africa in the mid 1970s, and felt an immediate and strong rapport, which blossomed onto a close friendship that has remained ever since. I loved his charm and wisdom, and greatly admired how he built and rebuilt the Unit at Groote Schuur during challenging times. In the early days he catalyzed my interest in pancreatitis, and was never short of subtly phrased criticisms of my passion for endoscopy, including the incomparable remark “remember the whole patient, not just the hole in the patient”.

Reading the tributes to him published for the recent 50th anniversary SAGES meeting brought tears to my eyes. See www.sages.co.za

We will miss you greatly Solly, but your memory will remain warm in my heart. Thank you.

Peter Cotton October 23rd 2012