Month: February 2012

Home of Fred the Snake (and Dr. Peter)

Weekend in Montreal

Grandy and I just spent 3 days in Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada (after Toronto). It is in the province called Quebec, on the eastern side of the country, based on an island in the St Laurence river, which stretches from Lake Ontario to the Ocean. It was very cold, with fresh snow.…
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The Dewees Islander ferry

We Christened our new ferry yesterday at the Dewees Island Marina in rather unusual (but needed) rain. It has lots of room on top (for when the sun shines), a cabin with heating/air conditioning, more space for luggage carts, and a flat screen TV monitor to show announcemnents of upcoming events. Reggie Fairchild give some…
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About the header photos

This “blog” is for our very special grandchildren: Alexandra, Charlotte and Isobelle Cotton; Perdita and Jack Richardson; Arrie B and Holly Mac Bowden; Benjamin Bakerand his son, our great-grandson, Zayden Baker. We are somewhat separated geograpically, so I hope this can keep us closer together. Lets start with some comments about the pictures in the…
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