I am still here…..

If I have any reader(s), thank you for your continuing kind attention. I hope that you have not been concerned about my silence for more than three months. We have been busy. We much enjoyed spending a week in England over Christmas. Many many thanks to Andy and Nicky and families for your excellent hospitality.

As usual, we all went to a Pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. Mr Google says “Traditionally performed at Christmas, with family audiences, Pantomime is a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, in-jokes, audience participation, and mild innuendo”. Audience participation includes shouting phrases like “look behind you” and “oh yes it does”. This year was “Dick Whittington and his cat”. Issy got to help on stage!

 If you want know more about Pantos, check out this link.

Oh yes you do…


January was notable for significant SNOW in Charleston, a very rare event.


I’d be grateful if anyone can tell me how better to fit photos into the text. They seem to have their own plans when posted.

We took our usual February trip “down under” for 3 weeks with many wonderful friends in so special places. Thanks Tony and Michelle for your terrific organization. We started with Luke and Monique’s wedding at the Edwards farm near Sydney, followed by celebrating Paul’s 60th birthday, a lovely few days in Canberra, then a houseful of bestest friends in a large house in the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, where there are stunning golf courses. 


And some great wineries and restaurants 

Some of us finished by flying to King Island, Tasmania to play two awesome courses. Golfers should check them out, Cape Wickham and Ocean links. Ireland on steroids.

And so back home late February expecting spring weather, but finding a cold spell. It is only now warming up, in time for the Masters….





Our 2017 holiday letter

For those who did not receive our annual Christmastime letter, here tis. Bring on 2018! Xmas 2017 comp email Dec 1

50 years in the Bile duct and Pancreas

If you have 43 minutes to spare, here is a recording of my recent presentation at MUSC Medicine Grand rounds. http://academicdepartments.musc.edu/v/medicine/20171130_Cotton.html    

Fred the friendly snake books make great presents

Huge crowds (just out of shot) lining up to buy all 5 Fred snake books. But no need to line up, just access www.petercottontales.com

“Come from away”. A NYC musical about 9/11 in Newfoundland.

Last night we went to see “Come from away” on Broadway, the show about the 7000 people who descended on Gander, Newfoundland when 38 planes were diverted on 9/11. It was really great show. They managed to turn a scary experience into a heart-warming musical. Terrific!            Some will recall thatContinue Reading

Down English Memory lanes

Just back from three great weeks in England, visiting our special families, as described in my last blog. I took the opportunity to reconnect with several friends from the (very) distant past, and cannot resist sharing them with you. Joe Clayton and I met 60 years ago, in 1957, when we both represented Cambridge UniversityContinue Reading

Three weeks with families and friends in England

  Just back from enjoying time in England with family and some old friends. First the family highlights. Great to be with the whole Cotton family (Andy, Fiona, Alex, Charlotte and Issy) again in Bury St Edmunds          Busy as always with horses and singing.      We helped Alex celebrate her 16thContinue Reading

Two new medical publications

A survey of credentialing for ERCP in the United States https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gie.2017.03.1530 How much pain relief do patients expect after cholecystectomy? http://em.rdcu.be/wf/click?upn=KP7O1RED-2BlD0F9LDqGVeSMQmWdTq9BpXT-2FFE5lpsKp0-3D_RLjM3EiP19d2W-2BRyiC55StGEdECkMlY3fp4OuMSsuV6A6CyvAgFp7ZpI71eXSVN2jI7O7AlSUceKnPqeNH05tsIaS6TUlFcZUFcc82Z80Z5VbaXFsA09PjLjhtEe0RRGCSF7-2Br0mpAtjZLf3-2BCqRlUWCZXCeTVOR0tdfgf-2FUnxlDoZFCjoXduHYaRfC78Yn6u7-2FIfclrP4UR3k-2F70kMc9ivF2ILxjcv3eAlzsMDmdmD1T5th86GcjvyHrAB6rUxWVfKUA7wYX-2FzPVerSDDRR-2BQ-3D-3D

You’re (still) looking well

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Family summer on Dewees

Nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina, especially when all the family come to stay. We are lucky to live on Dewees Island, a barrier island just north of Charleston, SC, a15 minute ferry from the Isle of Palms.               We look over Lake Timacau to theContinue Reading